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Advanced POS Management System with QR code service

Why Agna POS?

“Agna POS is an advanced Point-Of-Sale management system that provides QR code services for restaurants, cafes, shops, spas and other businesses. Agna has a strong multi-location management feature that makes it easy to manage day-to-day operations across multiple venues. Agna POS enhances your scope, inspires your audience, cuts the costs and save time by using this single platform.

Agna POS digital services replace the complex process of writing down customer orders manually, rushing to the cashier system and running back to deliver the item/service. For example, customers can place their orders with an engaging QR menu through a few clicks on their personal devices.”

An Innovative Technology for an Exceptional User Experience

Customers can view attractive QR menu and can make orders in just few clicks


Scan the QR code


View business menu on smartphone


Place the order


A Digital Platform for Ease and Delight

Experience with high-quality Service

Easy to edit

A cloud-based POS system

Control schedule

Create Menu in multiple languages

Upload files

All Device is compatible with a wide range of hardware

Control schedule

Robust reporting features and custom analytics

Mark tasks

Create Customized Coupons and Discounts for customer

Mark tasks

Training by our professionally trained experts

All in one system to boost your business

Streamline your operations, raise productivity and increase profits

Automate your Workflow

Automate your Workflow

Our Platform creates unique QR codes by table number, or room number or Social Media. So when the customer scans the QR code and place an order, we already know where the order was placed. The order can go straight to our POS.

Maximize Revenue with Digital Menus

Maximize Revenue with Digital Menus

Agna POS Digital Menu boost your sales by digitizing your Dine-In, Delivery and Pick-up experience. You can easily and quickly create beautiful digital menu boards, edit prices, add photos, item descriptions, and videos.

A Delicious Meal with an Attractive Menu

Quality experience with attractive menu

Give your customers an appealing and memorable experience by adding engaging illustrations and details about your beloved service

Hassel free Technology

Hassel-Free * Technology

Our easy-to-use, user-friendly web interface makes it simple to build your digital menu in no time at all. With all your data safely saved in the cloud, you can customize your digital business menu and handle your orders from anywhere